MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Rabbit Academy (2022) Animination Full Movie MP4 HD

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Rabbit Academy (2022)

Download Rabbit Academy (2022) Hollywood Animination Full Movie MP4 HD Free Download With English Subtitle

The bunny school is in turmoil: The cunning big city bunny Leo wants to abolish Easter and to do this allies with the foxes. Can the young Easter bunnies Max, Emmi and their friends prevent that? With the wise Madame Hermione they practice the mysterious “power bundle” and learn what it means to really trust someone – even a fox.

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Movie Genre:- Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family

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Release: 2022-03-17

Cast/Stars:- Erik Stappenbeck, Friedrich von Thun, Jannik Endemann, Jule Böwe, Katharina Straßer, Monty Arnold, Noah Levi, Sebastian Fitzner, Senta Berger, Tim Kreuer

Duration: 75 min

Director: Ute von Münchow-Pohl

Country: AT, DE


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