MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Man’s Creed (2022) Chinese Full Movie

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Man’s Creed (2022) Chinese

Download Man’s Creed (2022) Chinese Hollywood Full Movie MP4 HD Free Download

This is a tough-guy drama focusing on the drug trade. It tells the thrilling story of a father who has retired for more than 20 years and returns to the arena in order to find his lost relatives. In the movie, Ren Dahua and Zhang Lanxin’s sincere and in-depth performances interpret the touching theme of the film “giving everything for the family”

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Movie Genre:- Crime

Date of Release:- 2022-02-16

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Cast/Stars:- Chunyu Shanshan, Francis Ng, Kenneth Tsang, Sabrina Qiu, Shek Sau, Simon Yam, Zhang Lanxin, Zheng Luoqian

Director: Richard Lin



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