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A Lady Was Tired Of The Farm Life

A Lady Was Tired Of The Farm Life

A Lady Was Tired Of The Farm Life

A young man grew weary of the farm life, leading him to make a significant decision: he enlisted in the Navy. His first deployment carried him to the South Pacific, where, during a stop on a remote island, he acquired a parrot. He brought the parrot back to the ship, and the two became companions on the sea.

More than two decades later, the man retired from the Navy, so he and his feathered friend set out for a new adventure, returning to a life of farming. He decided to start a chicken farm, focusing on selling young chickens and eggs. Everything seemed promising until the very first morning.

At precisely 6 o’clock, the parrot began squawking loudly, repeating, “Six bells, hit the deck! Six bells, hit the deck!” The retired sailor, now used to a more leisurely lifestyle, became quite exasperated. He sternly told the parrot, “I don’t need to get up this early anymore. You can’t keep waking me like this. From now on, you’ll be sleeping with the chickens.”

The following morning, at 6 o’clock, the man was startled awake by a tremendous commotion emanating from the chicken house. He rushed outside, peered through the window, and was astonished to see the parrot gripping a red chicken by the neck with one wing and vigorously slapping it from left to right with the other wing. Amidst the flurry, the parrot scolded, “When I say ‘dress whites,’ I mean ‘dress whites!'”

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