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A Man Wanted To Marry His Three Girlfriends

A Man Wanted To Marry His Three Girlfriends

There was a man who found himself torn among three girlfriends, unsure of whom to choose for marriage. To make his decision, he devised a plan: he gave each of them $5000 and observed how they utilized the money.

The first girlfriend opted for a complete makeover, splurging on new clothes, a stylish hairdo, manicure, pedicure, and more. She presented herself to the man, expressing, “I spent the money to enhance my appearance for you because of my deep love for you.”

The second girlfriend decided to purchase gifts for the man, including new golf clubs, a CD player, a television, and a stereo. She conveyed, “I bought these gifts as a token of my love for you.”

The third girlfriend took a different approach, investing the $5000 in the stock market. After doubling her investment, she returned the initial amount to the man and reinvested the rest. She explained, “I am securing our financial future because of my love for you.”

As the man contemplated the choices and actions of each woman, he ultimately made his decision based on a rather simplistic criterion, opting to marry the one with the most prominent cleavage.

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