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A Newlywed First Night Together

A Newlywed First Night Together

On the inaugural night of their marriage, the newlyweds prepare to retire. Emerging from the shower, the fresh bride dons an elegant robe, her radiance accentuated.

Proudly, the husband remarks, “My love, now that we are married, feel free to unveil your robe.”

With a bewitching smile, she reveals herself, leaving him awestruck. “Oh, oh, aaaahhh,” he marvels.

“Goodness, you are incredibly beautiful! Allow me to capture this moment,” he insists, reaching for a camera.

Perplexed, she queries, “Capture my image?”

He responds, “Indeed, my love, so I can keep your beauty close to my heart always.”

She grins as he takes the photograph, and then he retreats to the bathroom for his turn.

Returning in his own robe, the wife questions, “Why the robe? We’re married now.”

In response, he opens his robe, prompting her delighted exclamation, “oh, OH, OH MY, let me take a picture.”

Beaming, he inquires why, and she playfully replies, “So I can have it enlarged!”

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