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VIDEO: Same Prophet That Warned Junior Pope Warns Destiny Etiko

The Prophecy and Peril: Ghanaian Prophet Warns Destiny Etiko After Junior Pope’s Tragic Demise

In the wake of Junior Pope Odowondo’s tragic passing, a Ghanaian prophet, Karma President, has once again stirred waves of concern with a dire warning for another prominent figure in Nollywood; Destiny Etiko. The chilling prophecy, shared in a viral video, has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. Video below, keep scrolling

The prophetic message, tinged with foreboding, details an ominous plot against Destiny Etiko’s life. According to Karma President, a sinister scheme to poison the curvaceous actress is underway, orchestrated by someone within the Nigerian movie industry. The prophet cautioned Etiko to tread cautiously on set, advising her against accepting any form of sustenance, including food, drinks, or even a face towel from unknown sources.

Delving deeper into the unsettling revelation, the Ghanaian seer revealed that the motive behind this nefarious plan stems from a personal vendetta. Allegedly, Etiko has incurred the wrath of an individual who accuses her of intimate involvement with their partner. This perceived betrayal has fueled a desire for retribution, leading to a dangerous plot to end Etiko’s life.

The prophet’s words echoed a somber reality, emphasizing the treacherous nature of show business and the unseen dangers that lurk behind the glitz and glamour. Etiko’s rise to fame and success has evidently stirred envy and malice, exposing her to potential harm within her own professional circles.

The gravity of Karma President’s warning cannot be overstated. His plea for Etiko to exercise utmost caution, even with those she considers close allies, underscores the precariousness of her situation. The prophetic insight paints a grim picture of the lengths to which some may go to exact vengeance and sabotage the lives of others.

The emotional weight of the prophecy, coupled with the recent tragedy of Junior Pope’s demise, serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the need for vigilance in the face of unseen threats. As Destiny Etiko navigates the challenges of stardom, this warning serves as a poignant call to prioritize safety and security in an industry fraught with both adoration and peril.

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The Ghanaian prophet’s words, though unsettling, serve as a beacon of caution and awareness, urging all in the entertainment industry to remain vigilant and safeguard against potential dangers that may lurk beneath the surface.

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