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A Woman Hide Under Bed To Check Her Husband

A Woman Hide Under Bed To Check Her Husband

Frustrated by her husband’s habitual tardiness, a woman decided to convey her discontent through a note: “I’ve reached my limit and left. Don’t bother looking for me.” Curious about his reaction, she concealed herself beneath the bed.

Upon his eventual return, she overheard him in the kitchen before his entrance into the bedroom. Observing him retrieve and read the note, she witnessed him jotting something down. He then dialed a number, saying, “She’s finally gone… yeah, I know, it’s about time. I’m coming to see you. Put on that sexy French nightie. I love you and can’t wait for all the naughty things we like.”

He hung up, grabbed his keys, and left. As the car drove off, she emerged from her hiding place. Consumed by anger and teary-eyed, she snatched the note to discover his response: “I can see your feet. We’re out of bread. Be back in five minutes.”

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