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An Elderly Man Came Into A Shop

An Elderly Man Came Into A Shop

I found myself on an extremely crowded bus when an elderly woman with a walker boarded. As the other passengers hurriedly filled the remaining standing spaces, she chose to stand close to me, locking eyes.

After enduring this gaze for about 5 minutes, I politely inquired, “May I help you?”

To my surprise, she responded, “Yes, I’ve been waiting here for 5 minutes, and you haven’t offered me your seat. Can you provide a compelling reason why I should receive it?”

I retorted, “I can give you five reasons. I’m an 86-year-old woman with near paralysis in my left leg, a hip that’s been replaced twice, my husband passed away just three days ago, and every moment I stand is excruciating. Can you give me as many reasons why you deserve the seat more?”

Regrettably, she had just one: “I’m the driver.”

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