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An Old Lady Went To The Grocery Store

An Old Lady Went To The Grocery Store

An Old Lady Went To The Grocery Store

A sweet elderly woman went to the grocery store and placed the most luxurious cat food in her shopping basket.

Upon reaching the checkout counter, she told the cashier, “Only the finest for my dear kitty.”

The cashier explained, “I’m sorry, but we can’t sell you cat food without proof that you have a cat. Some older folks purchase cat food for themselves, and management requires evidence that it’s for your feline friend.”

Undeterred, the little old lady returned home, picked up her cat, and brought it back to the store. With her cat in tow, they sold her the cat food.

The following day, the elderly lady made another trip to the store, this time buying a dozen of the most exquisite dog biscuits.

The cashier again asked for proof that she owned a dog, citing concerns that seniors sometimes consume dog food.

Frustrated but determined, she went home, retrieved her dog, and returned to the store. This time, she received the dog biscuits.

On the third day, she entered the store with a box that had a hole in the lid.

She requested the cashier to insert her finger into the hole. The cashier hesitated, fearing a potential snake.

The elderly lady assured her that there was nothing harmful in the box. The cashier cautiously complied and pulled her finger out, exclaiming, “That smells like feces.”

The little old lady beamed with satisfaction and said, “Now, dear, may I please purchase three rolls of toilet paper?”

Never underestimate a little old lady!

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