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Girl Taunts Old Man

Girl Taunts Old Man

As we headed downtown for a movie, an audacious young woman with spiked, multicolored hair in shades of green, purple, and orange boarded the same bus.

Her attire comprised tattered leather scraps, bare legs, and worn-out shoes. Adorned with numerous piercings and oversized, vibrant feather earrings, she claimed the only available seat, directly across from us.

My father arched an eyebrow, observing the unconventional passenger. Sensing his scrutiny, the punk retorted defensively, “What are you staring at, old man? Ever done anything wild in your youth?”

Unfazed, my dad quipped, “Oh, in my Navy days, I once got thoroughly drunk in Singapore and had an adventurous encounter with a parrot… I thought perhaps you were my daughter.”

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