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Half A Million Dollars Old Granny

Half A Million Dollars

Half A Million Dollars Old Granny

Old Granny Parkinson had become the fortunate recipient of over half a million dollars through a lottery win. However, due to her frail condition, her family worried that the sudden news might prove too overwhelming for her. Consequently, they summoned the family doctor to seek his counsel.

“I can break the news gently if you’d prefer,” offered the doctor. “I’ll approach the topic gradually.”

The family gratefully accepted his offer and ushered him into the elderly woman’s bedroom. The doctor feigned a routine examination before engaging her in casual conversation, artfully guiding it toward the subject of wealth.

“Mrs. Parkinson,” he inquired, “what would be your course of action if you were to suddenly inherit half a million dollars?”

The elderly lady contemplated for a moment, then responded, “Half a million? Well, you’ve always been exceptionally kind to me, doctor, so I believe I’d give half of it to you.”

In an instant, the doctor collapsed and passed away from the shock.

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