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Joe Knows How To Handle Things At Home

Joe Knows How To Handle Things At Home

Joe Knows How To Handle Things At Home

Joe had requested Bob’s assistance with the deck project after their workday ended, so Bob headed straight to Joe’s place. Upon reaching the door, Joe immediately went to his wife, embracing her and expressing how beautiful she was, as well as how much he had missed her during the workday. When dinner time arrived, he praised his wife’s cooking, kissed her tenderly, and professed his love for her.

The following day, as they worked on the deck, Bob expressed his surprise at Joe’s affectionate gestures toward his wife. Joe explained that he had started doing this about six months ago, and it had revitalized their marriage, making everything better. Inspired by Joe’s example, Bob decided to give it a try.

Upon returning home, Bob gave his wife an enthusiastic hug, planted a loving kiss on her lips, and verbally expressed his affection for her. However, to his bewilderment, his wife burst into tears. Perplexed, he asked her why she was crying, to which she replied, “This is the worst day of my life. First, little Billy fell off his bike and twisted his ankle. Then, the washing machine broke, flooding the basement. And now, you come home intoxicated!”

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