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Urgent Need To Use The Bathroom

Urgent Need To Use The Bathroom

Urgent Need To Use The Bathroom

During a flight to Chicago, a man suddenly felt an urgent need to use the restroom. Anxiously tapping his foot on the aircraft floor, he headed towards the men’s room, only to find it occupied each time he tried the door.

Observing his predicament, a stewardess offered a solution, allowing him to use the ladies’ room with one condition – he must avoid touching the buttons on the wall. Gratefully sitting on the toilet, the man’s attention was drawn to buttons marked “WW, WA, PP, and ATR.”

Despite the stewardess’s warning, the man succumbed to curiosity. Ignoring her advice, he pressed the “WW” button, leading to a surprising spray of warm water on his entire bottom. Pleased, he continued, pressing the “WA” button for a gentle breeze of warm air and the “PP” button for a powder puff applying soft talc.

Unable to resist, he pressed the final button marked “ATR,” resulting in darkness. Waking up in the hospital, he panicked and summoned the nurse, recounting his last memory in the ladies’ room on the plane.

The nurse responded, “Yes, I’m sure you were enjoying yourself until you pressed the ‘ATR’ button, which stands for ‘Automatic Tampon Remover.'”

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