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Wife Stayed Home, Husband Suffers At Work

Wife Stayed Home, Husband Suffers At Work

A man grew weary of his daily work routine while his wife enjoyed the comfort of staying home. Desiring her to comprehend his experiences, he prayed, “Dear Lord, I toil for 8 hours each day, while my wife remains at home. I wish for her to understand my life, so please, let our bodies trade places.”

In divine wisdom, God granted the man’s request. The following morning, he awoke transformed into a woman. Rising early, he prepared breakfast, woke the children, arranged their school attire, fed them, packed lunches, drove them to school, picked up dry cleaning, visited the cleaners, withdrew money for bills, paid the power and telephone bills, went grocery shopping, and stored the purchases upon returning home.

He tended to household chores, including cleaning the litter box and bathing the dog. By 1 p.m, he rushed to make beds, launder, vacuum, dust, and mop the kitchen floor. After picking up the kids from school, a disagreement ensued on the way home. Arranging cookies and milk for homework, he set up the ironing board, multitasking with TV while ironing.

At 4:30, he peeled potatoes, prepared salad greens, breaded pork chops, and snapped beans for supper. Post-dinner, he cleaned the kitchen, operated the dishwasher, folded laundry, bathed the kids, and put them to bed. By 9 p.m, exhausted though unfinished, he retired to bed, fulfilling intimate expectations without complaint.

The following morning, he knelt by the bed, realizing his mistake, and prayed, “Lord, I was wrong to envy my wife’s life at home. Please, let us trade back.” In infinite wisdom, the Lord responded, “My son, you’ve learned your lesson. I’ll gladly revert things, but you’ll have to wait 9 months; you became pregnant last night!”

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