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A Boy Comes Back From School

A Boy Comes Back From School

A disappointed boy returned home from school after receiving a zero on his geography exam, specifically for being unable to answer a question about Portugal.

Expressing his frustration, he explained to his mother, “The teacher gave me a zero because I couldn’t answer a question about Portugal.”

Curious, his mother inquired, “What was the question?”

“It was about the location of Portugal,” he replied.

Outraged by the seemingly unreasonable grading, she declared, “That teacher is ridiculous! I’m going to contact the principal’s office. Meanwhile, let’s figure out where Portugal is.”

She consulted a map of the state but couldn’t locate Portugal. Trying a map of the region yielded no better results, and even a map of the city proved unhelpful.

“I swear Portugal can’t be far. Our maid is from Portugal and rides her bicycle here every day,” she remarked.

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