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The Older Man Boasts To The Doctor

The Older Man Boasts To The Doctor

During his annual check-up, a 92-year-old man informed the doctor that he was feeling fantastic and had never been better. He shared exciting news about his life, mentioning that he now had a 20-year-old bride who was expecting their child. Curious, he asked the doctor for his thoughts on the matter.

In response, the doctor shared a hunting anecdote about an absent-minded friend who, forgetting his ammunition, encountered a beaver by a lake. Despite the lack of bullets, the friend aimed his rifle, shouted ‘bang bang,’ and miraculously, two shots rang out, slaying the beaver.

Turning the story back to the elderly man, the doctor asked for his opinion. After a thoughtful moment, the man replied, “Logic would strongly suggest that somebody else pumped a couple of rounds into that beaver.” The doctor nodded in agreement, saying, “My thoughts exactly.”

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