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A Man Had Settled Into His Seat Next To The Window Seat

A Man Had Settled Into His Seat Next To The Window Seat

A man had just taken his seat by the window on the plane when another man settled into the aisle seat, placing his black Labrador Retriever in the middle seat.

Perplexed, the first man questioned the presence of the dog on the plane. The second man, a DEA agent, clarified that the dog, named Sniffer, was a trained sniffer dog.

“He’s the best there is. I’ll demonstrate once we’re airborne,” the agent assured.

As the plane ascended, the agent commanded Sniffer to “search.” The dog traversed the aisle, eventually sitting purposefully next to a woman. After returning to his seat and placing a paw on the agent’s arm, the agent disclosed, “That woman has marijuana. I’ve noted her seat number for authorities to apprehend upon landing.”

Impressed, the first man commented on the neat trick. The agent then directed Sniffer to search again. Sniffer identified a man with cocaine, and once more, the agent made a note of the seat number.

Encouraged by his seatmate’s enthusiasm, the agent instructed Sniffer to search once more. This time, Sniffer returned to the agent, jumped into the middle seat, and proceeded to defecate.

Appalled, the first man inquired about this unexpected behavior. Nervously, the agent responded, “He just found a bomb!”

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