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An Attorney Went Into A Bar For Martini

An Attorney Went Into A Bar For Martini

An Attorney Went Into A Bar For Martini

An attorney walked into a bar, ordered a Martini, and found himself seated next to an unkempt, elderly individual who was quietly muttering and inspecting an object in his hand.

Intrigued, the attorney leaned closer as the elderly man held the small item up to the light, slurring his words,

“Well, it appears to be plastic.”

He proceeded to roll it between his fingers, adding,

“But it has the texture of rubber.”

Curiosity got the best of the attorney, who inquired,

“What is that you have there?”

The elderly man responded,

“I’m not entirely sure, but it looks like plastic and feels like rubber.”

The attorney then offered,

“May I take a closer look?”

The elderly man handed it over, and the lawyer carefully examined it, rolling it between his thumb and fingers. He scrutinized it with a close inspection, even sniffing and giving it a tentative lick.

“You’re right, it does seem like plastic and has the texture of rubber. It doesn’t have any distinct smell or taste. I’m completely stumped. Where did you come across this?”

The elderly man replied with a wry smile,

“I retrieved it from my own nose!”


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