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An Elderly Man Traveling By Plane

An Elderly Man Traveling By Plane

An Elderly Man Traveling By Plane

An elderly man, aboard a plane, found himself in a desperate need for a restroom. Unfortunately, every time he attempted to use it, it was occupied.

The compassionate flight attendant, aware of his plight, suggested he utilize the staff’s restroom, but with a word of caution: “Please, don’t touch any of the buttons.”

In the attendant’s restroom, he noticed four buttons beside the paper roll: ‘WW,’ ‘WA,’ ‘PP,’ and ‘ATR.’

Allowing his curiosity to get the better of him and committing the common error of not heeding a woman’s advice, he disregarded her warning. He gingerly pressed the ‘WW’ button, and to his surprise, a gentle stream of warm water sprayed onto his bare posterior. He thought to himself, “Wow, these ladies have it quite comfortable.”

Feeling a bit bolder, he pressed the ‘WA’ button, and a soothing stream of warm air passed over his damp bottom, leaving it comfortably dry. He chuckled, realizing why women might spend extra time in the restroom with such services.

Filled with anticipation, he pressed the ‘PP’ button. A soft, disposable powder puff swung into action, lightly dusting his posterior with talc. He thought, “This is incredible.”

With great anticipation, he reached out for the ‘ATR’ button.

When he regained consciousness in the hospital, the effects of the morphine were gradually wearing off. Confused and disoriented, he called the nurse to inquire about what had transpired.

He recounted that his last memory was experiencing intense discomfort in the ladies’ restroom on the plane. The nurse calmly replied, “Yes, you were likely enjoying the amenities until you pressed the Automatic Tampon Removal button. By the way, we’ve placed your pen!s under your pillow.”

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