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Chester And Earl Went Hunting

Chester And Earl Went Hunting

Chester And Earl Went Hunting

Chester and Earl prepared for a hunting trip. Chester remarked to Earl, “I’ll send my dog out to check if there are any ducks at the pond. If there are no ducks, I won’t bother going hunting.”

With that, he dispatched his dog to the pond. The dog returned and barked twice. Chester concluded, “I’m not going out; he only spotted two ducks.”

Earl questioned, “You’re going to trust the dog’s barks as truth?”

Earl remained skeptical, so he ventured to see for himself. When he returned, he exclaimed, “I can’t believe it! Where did you find that dog? There really are only two ducks out there!”

Chester explained, “I got him from the breeder up the road. If you’d like, you can get one from him too.”

Intrigued, Earl visited the breeder and requested a dog like Chester’s. The breeder complied, and Earl brought the dog home, instructing it to search for ducks.

Moments later, the dog returned with a stick in its mouth and began acting oddly.

Furious, Earl returned the dog to the breeder, demanding a refund. The breeder inquired about the dog’s behavior. Earl explained that when he sent the dog to find ducks, it came back with a stick in its mouth and engaged in strange behavior.

The breeder chuckled and said, “Earl, all he was trying to tell you is that there are plenty of ducks out there, more than you can shake a stick at.”

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