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An Old Man Entered The Car Agency

An Old Man Entered The Car Agency

An elderly gentleman and his youthful wife entered the car dealership. The owner of the dealership noticed the couple and approached them personally. He couldn’t help but admire the lady, which didn’t escape the old man’s attention.

“May I suggest a wager?” the old man proposed. “If you can do everything to my wife that I can do and still end up in the same situation as I do, I’ll pay double for the car. But if you can’t, you give it to me for free.”

“Okay, it’s a deal!” the agency owner agreed.

The old man proceeded to give his wife a passionate kiss, and the dealership owner did the same. Then the man unbuttoned his wife’s blouse and kissed her chest, and the agency owner did likewise.

Finally, the husband unzipped his pants, exposed his private organ, and bent it in half.

The agency owner, without missing a beat, inquired, “What color car would you like?”

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