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In Love With A Rich Dude And His Wife Having Dinner

In Love With A Rich Dude And His Wife Having Dinner

In Love With A Rich Dude And His Wife Having Dinner\

A wealthy man and his wife were enjoying a lavish dinner at an upscale restaurant.

Suddenly, an incredibly attractive young woman approached their table, planted a passionate, open-mouthed kiss on the husband, and casually mentioned she would see him later before walking away.

The wife shot her husband an accusatory look and asked, “Who on earth was that?”

The husband, unfazed, responded, “Oh, that’s my mistress.”

Enraged, the wife exclaimed, “You unfaithful scoundrel! That’s the final straw. I want a divorce!”

The husband nonchalantly replied, “I can understand your decision, but keep in mind that a divorce means no more shopping trips to Paris, no more winters in Barbados, no more summers in Tuscany, no more new Jaguars in the garage at Christmas, and no more yacht club membership. The choice is yours, my dear.”

Just then, George, a friend of the husband, arrived at the same restaurant with a stunning blonde companion on his arm.

The wife, curious, asked, “Who is that woman with George?”

The husband answered, “That’s his mistress.”

To which the wife smirked and said, “Well, ours is more attractive.”

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