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The Older Man Boasts To The Doctor

The Older Man Boasts To The Doctor

The Older Man Boasts To The Doctor

A 92-year-old man visited his doctor for his yearly check-up. The doctor inquired about his well-being, and the elderly man responded, “I’m feeling fantastic, never better! I now have a 20-year-old wife who is expecting our child. What do you make of that, doctor?”

The doctor pondered the question for a moment before launching into a tale. “I have an elderly friend much like yourself, who’s an enthusiastic hunter and never misses a hunting season. One day, as he set off for a hunting trip, he accidentally left his ammunition at home due to his forgetfulness.”

“As he approached a lakeside, he noticed a delightful beaver playing by the water’s edge. Realizing he had no ammo to shoot it, he improvised. He raised his beloved hunting rifle, aimed through the sights, and exclaimed, ‘Bang, bang.'”

“Incredibly, two shots resounded, and the beaver fell. Now, what’s your take on that?” asked the doctor.

The elderly man contemplated for a moment and then said, “Logically speaking, it strongly suggests that someone else had fired a couple of rounds at that beaver.”

The doctor nodded and replied, “Precisely my thoughts.”

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