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A Blonde Walks Into a Store To Buy a New Television

A Blonde Walks Into a Store To Buy a New Television

A Blonde Walks Into a Store To Buy a New Television

A woman with blonde hair enters a store with the intention of buying a new television. After browsing for a while, she spots the perfect TV for her needs. She approaches a salesman and expresses her desire to make the purchase. To her surprise, the salesman tells her, “I’m sorry, but I can’t sell you this TV in good faith. I don’t believe you know what you’re looking for.”

Feeling frustrated, she leaves the store, convinced that the salesman’s reluctance is due to her gender, assuming he thinks she needs a man’s guidance. Determined to prove him wrong, she goes to great lengths to disguise herself, donning a short-haired wig and a fake mustache. She then returns to the store, dressed as a man, locates the same TV, and approaches the counter.

In her best male voice, she confidently says, “Good evening, sir. I’d like to purchase this TV.” However, the salesman immediately recognizes her despite the disguise and remarks, “Aren’t you the blonde woman who was here earlier? I told you I couldn’t sell it to you.”

This only fuels her determination further, and she leaves once again, thinking, “So he won’t sell me the TV because of my hair color, that’s rich! I’m coming back, and I will get that TV!” She decides to change her appearance entirely, visiting a local salon to dye her hair and eyebrows brunette. She returns to the store, retrieves the TV, and places it on the counter, saying, “I would like to purchase this television.”

The salesman, now visibly exasperated, slams his hands on the counter and says, “Lady, you can’t keep returning here and attempting to buy this!” Confused, the blonde asks, “How did you know it was me? You saw through both disguises. Are you some kind of detective?”

The salesman replies, “I know it’s you because you’ve been trying to buy a microwave all day, not a TV!”

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