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36 Facts Wise People Hide From You

36 Facts Wise People Hide From You

36 Facts Wise People Hide From You

Life Motivational Facts Intelligent And Wise People Hide From You

Number 26 will shock you: Life facts like this can actually help you in life if you are someone that’s working on improving the way you think or reason. Having Degrees in your colleges does not mean you are smart or wise. People often mistake being educated for being smart, which is totally wrong

You might be wondering if there are life hacks and facts that the rich and wealthy don’t want you to know about. Well, in this post of Life Facts, we will be looking into 36 facts of life that the wise hide from you.

1: Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise, you will be eating medicines as your food.

2: Humans shed 40 pounds of skin in our lifetime.

3: You are loved when born. You will be loved when die. But, in between, you have to manage.

4: Humans shed about 600,000 particles of skin every hour.

5: There is a lot of difference between human being and being human. Only a few understood it.

6: If you want to walk fast, then, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, then walk together. Define your purpose clearly.

7: Fingernails grow faster than toenails.

8: Holding a grudge is allowing someone to live ‘rent-free’ in your mind.

9: Your eyes blink about 20 times a minute.

10: When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. Your name is safe in their mouth.

11: About 80% of the human brain is water.

12: Your ears will never get you in trouble, unlike your tongue. So, be a good listener.

13: Hard work and slog never ever go wasted. The only variable is the benefits may be accrued either immediately or after some time or after a long time. But, you will be benefited.

14: Hot water freezes faster than cold water.

15: In about 2.3 billion years, it will be too hot for life to exist on Earth.

16: Respect nature and it will shower us with goodness, if we do not it will shower us back with harsh weather conditions.

17: Appreciate your parents. You never know what sacrifices they went through for you.

18: If you want to find love, stop looking for it.

19: The less you depend on others, the more they’ll be around.

20: Self-confidence is more important than appearance.

21: Someone will always be better than you.

22: Expectations always hurt.

23: Life will fuck you over.

24: Speaking about your goals makes you lose motivation.

25: Food tastes better when someone else makes it.

26: If we have a plan B, our plan A is less likely to work.

27: Life is all about how we see things.

28: Gentlemen, nobody gives a f*ck about your problems, maybe only your parents.

29: Women don’t mistreat you. You mistreat yourself through her. Read that again.

30: Staying loyal to your disloyal partner does not make you a caring partner. It makes you a loser.

31: Intelligence isn’t measured in college degrees, jobs that sound good on paper, or fancy words you use.

32: “Money doesn’t buy happiness” doesn’t mean people shouldn’t worry about having enough money to pay bills.

33: There’s a huge difference between; Education and intelligence, Knowledge and information, learning and studying, Ignorance and stupidity.

34: Money & influence are interchangeable.

35: Our failure quickly gets to our hearts but success goes to our heads. Our true character is revealed at our highs & lows.

36: Equality is not real. Some people are smarter, richer, and more competitive than you. Accept that.

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